Amazing, yet odd things sold at auction

Every day, auctions all over the world sell thousands of items, ranging from jewelry to mansions. In any one of these auctions, you may find some incredibly unique items. Sometimes, though, an item will go up for auction that is so unique and different, it stands out from all of the others. What’s even more surprising is that people actually paid a lot of money for these things. Let’s take a look at some of these oddities that sold for surprisingly high amounts.

Holy Harley, Batman!

This one can defy some logic, but there is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that belonged to not only one but two popes! For the mere sum of $52,000, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle belonging to the two most recent popes sold at auction. Now before you have images of the Holy See going all wild hog, please keep in mind that this Harley was a donation to Pope Benedict’s XVI from the company to celebrate their 110th anniversary, and was then passed down to Pope Francis. The good news is that the proceeds from this auction went to the friendly world Association, which happens to be a Polish nonprofit.

Remember the sad melody

Many people have seen the movie Titanic and may remember the tragic scene of the ships band sadly playing their final song as the Titanic sunk beneath the waves. In the highest bid ever paid for any memorabilia from the ship, a violin strapped to the bandleader’s body was recovered and restored, selling for a $1.7 million price tag, which goes to show that the classics never die.

Titanic band leader Wallace Hartley’s Violin, who many say played as the ship sank (Image: Splash News)

Pop culture never gets old

Anyone who’s even slightly a fan of comic books knows that Superman may not have been the first, but he certainly is one of the greatest. To this day there are millions of fans of Superman over the world. Now imagine what they would pay to get their hands on the very first pristine copy of Action Comics #1 featuring the first ever appearance of Superman. Well, the answer to that just may be $3.2 million dollars. Very valuable literature indeed!

More than just a car

In the 80s, the Pontiac Trans Am Firebird was the coolest looking car on the block. It could look both fast and sophisticated in one glance. Now imagine that same car with a blinking row of red lights in the hood and a very intelligent sounding voice that could have a conversation with you. You can picture that, then you are a fan of the 1980s hit TV series “Knight Rider”.  Yes, KITT (the TV name for the car) was the futuristic dream of many a young man, and one such man grew up and paid $150,000 for his dream to come true.

Just… Why?

Not every item at auction needs an explanation. Not every item at auction should have an explanation. In the wedding ring belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald certainly fits the latter. Why a Texas buyer would want wedding ring of the man who assassinated JFK is beyond logic, but he did pay $118,000 for this simple gold band put up by Oswald’s widow in 2013.

Seeing too much

Marilyn Monroe was certainly an icon. It wasn’t just her fame alone that we remember, but the several things she could be famous for. She was beautiful, she was talented. You can believe that many fans were eager to see her come onto the silver screen. What isn’t expected, though, is anyone being eager to see her x-ray. In a surprising series of bids, a chest x-ray of Marilyn Monroe that was expected to sell for anywhere between $800-$1200 actually sold for $45,000. I guess that’s one way to remember celebrity.

Double the Elvis, less the fun

You can ask how, and you can ask why, but maybe you should be asking at this even should have been an item for sale. Of the several items from his estate that sold, one item that shatters any logic would be a pair of Elvis Presley’s soiled underwear that sold for $8000. Conversely, his Bible sold for $94,000! One has to ask what these fans are thinking.


Expensive leftovers

One can accept that super fans want to feel close to their idols. After all, that’s the whole point of being a super fan. But is it going too far to pay $3000 for a half eaten piece of French toast? Well, that’s exactly what one superfan did for one of Justin Timberlake’s unfinished meals. If Justin gave out awards to his fans, this fan may just well qualify.

The ABCs of gum

Yep, you read that right. Someone actually did bid on a piece of already chewed gum. But not just any gum.  This piece of gum belonged to none other than Britney Spears, who became famous for her portrayal of a saucy, bubblegum chewing schoolgirl in her breakout video. Surprisingly, that piece of gum sold for an astonishing $14,000! Mental note: buy more gum.

So there you have it! Just 10 interesting and bizarre things sold at auction. Maybe it’s time you rummage through your attic for things to auction. After all, anything can sell.

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