Welcome to Agent Auction

We are the premiere luxury platform dedicated to optimizing the buying and selling experience of upmarket real estate properties and high-end products with immediate results.

How Agent Auction Works

Agent Auction utilizes our global brand reach, major national television network circulation, targeted digital campaigns, and expert photography and literature to ensure each property, object, and item gains maximum exposure across each respective industry, worldwide. Our ability to separate ourselves as a distinctive upmarket auction site attracts an expansive assemblage of serious domestic and international prospective buyers with offers in hand, prepared to strike a deal from anywhere across the globe.

Agent Auction provides a modern, yet accessible new way to obtain both luxury real estate properties and luxury products. With our informative, efficient, and high profile site, buyers and sellers are able to choose an auction end date that suits their financial and lifestyle needs and expectations. With Agent Auction, the buying and selling of luxury real estate and merchandise has become a streamlined and simplified process. Agent Auction raises luxury properties and commodities to the next level of marketability and sales potential, while simultaneously meeting the financial and temporal demands of all parties.

Agent Auction—View. Bid. Sell. Win.

For Bidders

The process is easy. Registered bidders begin with a $2500 credit card authorization, with a hold on your card for 7 days. With a winning bid, if your card was charged, the deposit is then advanced towards the sale or opening escrow. If the bid is not accepted, the deposit is returned to the bidder (or hold released) at the conclusion of the auction—no risks, no loss, no hidden costs. Bidders will have access to a direct download of all due diligent documents for review and will be able to monitor the status and progression of each auction online. It is important to note that certain auctions may be listed with a sealed bid discretion. If a bid is accepted, our Director of Business Development works intimately with the buyer to complete all necessary documents confirming purchase of the desired property or item—it’s that simple.

For Sellers

At Agent Auction, we understand it can be difficult for luxury owners to predict how quickly a property will sell due to a myriad of intangibles. Determining comparable sales, comprehending seasonal swings in destination markets, and managing fluctuations between general and high-end markets can be a vexing process. But with our expert team at Agent Auction, we can help our clients and members seamlessly navigate through this process by offering superior knowledge on how to place, price, and sell your luxury property efficiently and with maximum financial gain.

At Agent Auction, we’re ready to help. Please contact us for an up-to-date and detailed market analysis designed to help you better understand how to gain the most from your luxury investment.