Most Memorable Real Estate Auctions

Villa Firenze is one of the most memorable real estate auctions in the world, why? Simply because it is the world’s most expensive mansion there is. This nothing but luxurious and grandiose mansion is valued at a mind blowing amount of $160,000,000.00. Who won the bid and for how much? Let’s find out in this article.

Most Luxurious Mansion Being Sold in an Auction

A couple of years back, the owner of Villa Firenze listed the property for sale for a whopping price of $165,000,000.00. If ever it was successfully sold, it would create a record of being the most expensive real estate property ever sold but it didn’t happen. No one bought the house for $165,000,000.00 after a couple of years sitting on the property list that is for sale.

The owner Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, a billionaire and the current Chief Executive Officer of Air LEase Corporation with a net worth of approximately $4.1 billion decided to put his luxurious mansion up for auction early January of 2021. The auction lasted for only a week from an online property auction company.

The Fine Prints

This mansion is made of 9 acres of land with 13 bedroom main villa and other luxurious amenities around it. Property this big has been granted its own street gated with an enormous courtyard full of refreshing sight of the palm trees. The big courtyard can accommodate 30 cars and other amenities a hundred million dollar mansion should have. The architectural design of the entire villa was a masterpiece of an award winning architect, William Hablinski. 

The main villa consists of 13 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms filled with nothing but the best marble flooring and walls. The villa has a royal Victorian inspired interior design that matches its palace like exterior with magnificent chandeliers and a mix of classic and furniture and fixtures. Inside the main villa are amenities like game room, gym, craft room and storage areas.

Experts say that the interior and the exterior of the main villa alone has a net worth of $100,000,000.00. The furniture alone with wood-carved designs like the beds, tables, chairs and many more will cost you millions of dollars for a few pieces. Every inch and piece of this villa has been made to make the family stay here lavish and memorable.

Outdoor Amenities

The outdoor amenities this villa has are just as luxurious as it is on the inside. It’s splendid resort type outdoor pool can only be described by one word and that’s “luxurious”, it has a built in jacuzzi with a spa and a mini villa with complete indoor amenities like living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area that could house guests without leaving the resort. 

You can also find the villa’s own basketball court and tennis court and a nearby cabana with complete indoor amenities as well for relaxation after the game. You do not have to go back to the main villa and have a snack as it also has its own kitchen and dining area as well as a living room inside.

 This property also boosts it’s beautiful lawn with a gorgeous fountain that greets every guest coming in at the main villa. You will notice how carefully they have planned for the front lawn to look extra opulent as this will be the first of many things that will make an impression of the villa.

There are other activity dedicated structures like the jogging path, italian inspired gardens and other small amenities only luxury can afford. The landscape has been carefully crafted from the magnificent gate and all throughout the courtyard, garden, the lawn and the resort type swimming pool area.


Expect nothing less but the most upscale and exclusive neighborhood in North Beverly Park in Los Angeles California. A highly security controlled community just near downtown Los Angeles. Neighboring some of the most elite personalities like Eddie Murphy, Rod Stewart and Denzel Washington and many of the elite socialites in LA.Strategically located between two famous landmarks such as the Mulholland drive and the Sunset Boulevard. 

The villa is equipped with the most high end security features with 24/7 security personnel and numbers of security cameras scattered around inside and outside the premises to keep everything safe. Properties from this kind of upscale type of community cannot go down anywhere from $50,000,000.00 and up so they value the security and privacy within the area.

What Makes it Memorable

This is the most expensive real estate ever sold in an auction in the United States. With the appraised value of $160,000,000.00, the villa will be the record holder of the most expensive property ever listed in an auction. The auction house however did not disclose if there had been a minimum reserve for this property or none or if it had been under an absolute auction agreement where the owner will have to accept whatever the highest bidder offers.

The property was sold to an undisclosed bidder for only a mind blowing amount of $60,000,000.00 which saves him almost $100,000,000.00 off of the owner’s asking price! And yes, the owner granted the purchase to the highest bidder. You can imagine how lucky the highest bidder would be owning the world’s most expensive mansion for only $60,000,000.00. This truly is a gem and the lucky bidder hits the jackpot!

What makes this auction even more special is that the Auction house that facilitated this event is Concierge Auction have arranged giving back a portion of the proceeds to the unfortunate families and build small homes for them. They commissioned the foundation, “Give Back Homes” to help them fulfill the promise of turning a portion of the proceeds to help give unfortunate families have their own home without spending a dollar. This good deed from the seller truly makes this auction more memorable.

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