Omas Fountain Pen

History in the Palm of Your Hand

Reserve price $2,800

Celebrate the rich cultural history of Hong Kong with the OMAS 1997 “Return to the Motherland” Limited Edition Fountain Pen in this auction style bid. The distinguished and rare .925 sterling silver writing instrument displays the treasured and unified symbols of both Hong Kong and China, accented by the Bauhinia flower. The ornate silver metallic band features the iconic Great Wall of China as well as four artful and distinct ideograms reading—“Return to the Motherland.” Limited to 1,997 pieces, the OMAS 1997 Limited Edition features an 18k gold calligraphic nib inlaid with an intricate dragonhead and engraved with the words “Hong Kong 1997,” a perfect prize for any nostalgic collector or aficionado.