The Longest-Running Auctions

We have a well recorded event of the longest-running auction by a single auctioneer which held a Guinness Book World of Record with a title: “The Longest-Running Auction by a Single Auctioneer”. Sounds interesting right? Let’s get into details on how it achieved the title from Guinness Book of World Record.

The Man Behind It

James Lewis, a veteran at the antique collection field, the current CEO of Bamfords and the owner of Country Home and Estate Auctions. He is very well recognized in his specialization about antiques such as sculptures and furniture. He won the prestigious UK Auction of the Year award which made him the leading auctioneer in the UK. 

Lewis contributed in legislating antique dealing regulated by the government to protect the industry, the buyer and the seller. He is the face and voice of the antique industry in the mainstream television and radio locally. His fine taste towards this craft is truly admirable as he is involved with charities around his works.

The Record 

The longest running auction by a single auctioneer lasted 24 hours and six minutes with a stop time for breaks. It was held last June 21-22, 2019 at the saleroom of Bamford. Mr. Lewis ran this world record auction in aid of his advocacy in helping Lion Aid and Mentis and the Born Free Foundation which gained proceeds with a total of a quarter of a million pounds. James Lewis was helped by The Children of St. Anselm’s School in Bakewell.

The duration of the auction started Friday, June 21, 2019 by exactly 6:30 in the evening and lasted until 7:00 in the evening the following day, June 22, 2019. This auction showcases a total of 800 lots for country house sale, 1300 lots from the charity items and 450 lots of jewelry streamed on a live auction held by an online auction site.

There are 50 donated items by the celebrity that have been auctioned in the Holme Hall in Bakewell by June 22 as the finale to the event. An after party has also been conducted but has not been counted as the official duration of the auction as the venue of the sale is different from the other one which is the online auction. 

His Advocacy

James Lewis as a kid wanted to be a veterinarian, he has this innate love for animals and wildlife. He is against animal cruelty and he is a firm supporter to ban the sales of ivory in the black market. For the past 16 years, he supported the Born Free Foundation which some of the work includes saving lions and bringing them back to the wildlife in South Africa.

Lewis’ Heart Condition

Both the online auction (which is the official record holder) and the Holme Hall event took a total of 47 hours to host and facilitate. These long hours needed a healthy individual to run by however James Lewis was in not so healthy state. He experienced cardiac arrest last 2018 while watching her daughter at an equestrian center. 

Mr. Lewis collapsed without a warning and for almost 10 minutes he thought he was dying. Being lucky by chance, there is someone in the crowd who professionally knows how to perform CPR which has saved his life. He remembered the feeling of dying when he saw all the chaos around him with an air ambulance on site. His chest was inserted by a defibrillator which will work in case the same incident happens again in the future.

An ample medical team has been deployed the entire duration of the auction to make sure Mr. Lewis is in good shape while the auction is happening. Mr. Lewis has been given a total of 20 minutes break every four hours allowed by the Guiness record team.

Longest Running Auction by a Single Item in America

The bidding starts when the host opens it up and it will stop when you hear the hammer slams. This entire duration of back and forth bidding usually takes only 5 minutes at the most. The longest running auction holder by this category goes to the bidding of a self portrait of Andy Warhol, an icon in the pop art industry. 

This bidding lasted about 16 minutes of a very aggressive bidding war with a bidding price winner of $38,000,000.00. Bidders fought hard to win this item but the winner of this bid is an unannounced European caller.

This portrait was dated back from the year 1964, framed with four different portraits of Warhol in a blue colored orientation. Expectators review that it will sell for no less than 30 million dollars but as the bidding gets very aggressive, the price keeps going higher until it reaches the final bid of $38 Million. Christie’s Auction facilitated this bid together with 62 other valuable paintings which in the end gathered a total of $300 Million in sale.

Longest Running Auction by a Single Item in Asia

An Imperial Scroll originated from the Yuan Dynasty is the record holder of the longest running auction in Asia with a timeframe of 75 minutes. The highest bidder won this piece of art for $40 Million. This scroll is now being known as the most valuable piece of art in the entire continent that is being sold in an auction for the year 2020.

This is a 700 hundred-year-old painting of an ultra rare work of art of Ren Renfa from the Yuan Dynasty. The painting has a theme of “Five Drunken Princes Returning on a Horseback” and is truly captivating to look at. The artist is renowned in creating masterpieces but this one is the rarest to survive over 700 years which breaks multiple auction records not only in Asia but everywhere in the world because of its time price value and winning bid price. This item received a mind blowing offer over a hundred times before it reached the hammer. Fine classical Chinese Paintings like this are one of the most sought after pieces at every auction in Asia.

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