The Most Absurd & Crazy Things People TRIED To Sell At Auctions

Bidding Will Now Begin For… A Bag of Air?

The final outcome of auctions can sometimes result in the unpredictable, where an item of seemingly little value will have bidders fighting tooth and nail to win, leaving “the main attraction” largely unnoticed. There will always be enthusiasts for weird and wacky objects, and some people try to use this knowledge to make big money via auction.

So, What Are The Most Absurd & Crazy Things People TRIED To Sell At Auctions?

Here’s a rundown of the weirdest items we could find:

  • Air From A Kanye West Concert
  • The Right To Name A Baby
  • Britney Spears’ Hair
  • Albert Einstein’s Most Famous Equation
  • The Roman Empire, Sort Of

Air From A Kanye West Concert

In 2015, a bold group of Kanye West fans set out on eBay to put, what seemed to be, ziplocked bags full of “air from his concert”. Of course, there was no way to prove whether or not it actually contained air from the rapper’s performance venue. 

Despite this, bids for the item still shot up to unbelievable prices, with one having bids as high as $60,000. Ebay immediately shut the auctions down shortly after.

The Right To Name A Baby

How much do you value your child’s name? Well, a woman from Arkansas took to the internet and put out the right to name her child up for auction. When asked as to how they came to this decision, the mother detailed how she needed the money to hopefully buy a car and help with their financial situation. 

It is unclear if a winning bid ever came through, but it just goes to show the sheer variety of things you might encounter at an online auction.

Britney Spears’ Hair

A few people reading this might remember back in 2007 when pop icon, Britney Spears, decided to shave her head. Well, the salon who was responsible for the cut tried to make a quick profit off the singer’s hair by putting it up for auction, with an initial bid price of $1 million!

The salon owner mentioned that some of the profits would go to charity, but whether or not any deal pushed through is undisclosed.

Albert Einstein’s Most Famous Equation

Those who are familiar with Albert Einstein’s work know him best for his theory on special relativity. In 1912, he wrote a document focused on that subject. It remained unpublished until 1987 where it passed from an inheritor to a descendant of Einstein after being auctioned by Sotheby’s

In 1996, the same auction house tried to sell the manuscript again for a much higher price, however, despite the bids surpassing the original asking price in value, the anonymous owner declined the final bidding price.

The Roman Empire, Sort Of

In contrast to what most accounts of this legendary auction on the internet would have you believe, the Praetorian Guard did not put the entirety of Rome up for bidding, but only the Imperial Office. 

However, since the Imperial office had power over most of the Roman empire at that time, it’s easy to see how some would consider it that way. The empire was sold to the highest bidder, Didius Julianus.


From a few locks of hair to the entirety of Rome, auctions tend to be wildly unpredictable. Some would argue that adds to the element of excitement, the thrill of possibly finding something completely out of this world up for grabs!

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