The Most Interesting Things People Have Bought At Auctions

Going once… Going twice… Sold?

Auctions can often be seen as places where expensive pieces of art and jewelry are sold to the highest bidder. However, there are some items that stray away from your usual auction object. Let’s dive into some of the weirdest and wackiest items people have bought at auctions.

The Most Interesting Things People Have Bought At Auctions

These are just some that we could find…

  • A Banana Taped To A Wall
  • A Giant Rabbit 
  • A Half-Eaten Sandwich That Had The Face of The Virgin Mary 
  • An Oscar Trophy
  • A Painting That Tore Itself To Pieces

A Banana Taped To A Wall

In 2019, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan took it upon himself to create a piece that he called “The Comedian”. Much to our surprise, the “art piece” was literally just a banana duct-taped to a wall. It was displayed in the Art Basel in Miami and was sold for a whopping $120,000! 

A Giant Rabbit

Christie’s is an English auction house that dates back to 1766. It’s mostly known for holding some of the biggest auctions in history. In 2019, another auction of theirs broke a world record for what was, at the time, “the most expensive artwork sold by a living artist”. The sculpture was that of a giant steel rabbit that looked like a balloon animal.

A Half-Eaten Sandwich That Had The Face of The Virgin Mary

In 2004, a seller on eBay decided to put his grilled cheese sandwich up for auction. Now, you may be thinking: “Who the hell would want that?” There was something special about this sandwich, though. It had the face of The Virgin Mary. 

Ebay was swift to act on the listing and took it down shortly after, however the seller convinced the auction site that his sandwich was legitimate and that it would be personally delivered to whoever won the bid. The sandwich ended up selling for $28,000.

An Oscar Trophy

In 2014, the family of a deceased color art director was trying to let go of some of the belongings of their late relative. One of those said belongings was an Oscar trophy that he had won in 1943. The winning bid for the trophy was $79,200. 

Unsurprisingly, the Academy was not happy about this sale and decided to sue the family for the rights to repurchase the trophy back from the buyers. They succeeded after offering only $10.

A Painting That Tore Itself To Pieces

Any person who is up-to-date on modern art concerning political activism will have heard of the name Banksy. The artist is most known for their symbolic graffiti works which are often full of social commentary. 

In 2018, one of the artist’s works was being sold on auction. After the bidding ended, a machine started whirring inside the room, and much to the horror of the staff and bidders, the painting started to shred itself through the frame. Essentially destroying the piece of art.


Auctions are often places where you can find a wide range of interesting items. From ancient vases, age-old paintings, to odd pieces of technology and art that can only appeal to a niche collectors/enthusiasts, all the way to ludicrously priced items that can only be bought by the rich 1%. Whatever’s on the auction table, you’re sure to find yourself an interesting and unique experience!

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